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Brad Kolb

Brad Kolb

Director of operations | Google

Google operations director Brad Kolb's place is the building formerly known as the Assembly Hall.

"Lou Henson was the coach and they had some good teams during that time. In those days, there was a lottery for getting basketball season tickets. I would get together with several of my fraternity brothers and whoever got the best lottery number among us, we would use that ticket to buy the season tickets.

"Watching the games with my fraternity brothers, many of whom I still see on our annual ‘Illini Open’ get-together in Chicago, was always a lot of fun.  

“During my senior year, I had the best lottery ticket and included my girl friend of one month in the ticket allocation. Although this changed the group dynamics a little bit, I believe it was one of the best decisions I made since I have been married to her for more than 32 years.”