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Kieran Kelliher

Kieran Kelliher

Head of finannce, Chicago Bulls | Adjunct lecturer, Northwestern University School of Professional Studies | Class of 2004

It was predetermined that two-degree Gies College of Business grad Kieran Kelliher would attend the UI — just like six of the seven siblings he grew up with on the south side of Chicago.

Ditto for where the accounting major turned Chicago Bulls head of finance would live when he got to C-U: “Growing up, I spent a fair number of weekends and summer days visiting whatever sibling was living at Newman Hall at the time.”

So it only figures that his fondest campus memories revolve around the family dorm — be it singing in the choir at St. John’s Chapel, becoming the omelet expert of the cafeteria staff or meeting the girl of his dreams.

“I most treasure the time I spent falling in love with my wife of 12-plus years, much of it within the walls of that dorm,” he says. “We met the first weekend of freshman year at Newman, I proposed to her in the Lewis Lounge there the summer after junior year, and we got married the weekend after graduation.”