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People 98 State Farm Center

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Mike Bass

Award-winning journalist

Former DI editor-in-chief

John Groce

95-75 as Illini coach (2012-17)

Now coaching Akron Zips

Larry Deutsch

Chief innovation officer

Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide

Bill Self

3 seasons, 3 NCAA tournaments

78-24 as Illini basketball coach (2000-03)

Julie Peoples

Assistant executive director

Hart Felt Ministries

Bob Gibson

Associate judge

DuPage County

Donna Greene

Former CEO

Busey Wealth Management

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An education that proves your purpose

Bhibha Das

Assistant professor, East Carolina

3-time Jeopardy! contestant

Ray Mentzer

Retired from ExxonMobil

Purdue visiting professor

George Sakas

Director of economic development/strategic planning

Chicago Executive Airport

Nicole Jorwic

Director of rights policy

The Arc of the United States

Jeff Roberts

Global product manager

GE Healthcare

Rachel Fowler

Managing editor

Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers

KarenLee Poter

Dating coach, Internet talk show host

‘The KarenLee Poter Show’

Jason Colwell

Belgium-based managing director

The Crosby Group

Matt Frisbie

Google software engineer


Lisa Blimling

Director, Global Intelligence


Chris Althoff

Associate director, branding

Big Ten Conference

Sunil Benimadhu


Stock Exchange of Mauritius

Mike Gonzalez


Secession Golf Club

Pedro Nicholson

Argentinian law partner

Estudio Beccar Varela

Jay Brown

Chairman, CEO

Vetgate Global

Karen Frame


Makeena, Inc.

Jeff Kibler

VP, solutions/customer success

Flybits of Canada

Jenna Smith

3-time all-Big Ten forward

2,160 career points