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Brian Holding

Brian Holding

CEO emeritus | Human Kinetics | Class of 1974

Not only was Brian Holding part of Memorial Stadium’s Block I for every home football game during his four years at the UI. 

“I think I wore the same flannel shirt and blue jeans to all those games," says Human Kinetics' CEO emeritus (Class of '74).

"Through all those games, I was joined by Phil Harder, who lived on my dorm floor. While we changed residences and circles of friends, we always met on Saturday game days at Block I.  Even though the teams were mediocre, we always had fun.

“You couldn’t beat the view from Block I. Wearing an orange or blue cape and holding up colored cards during halftime was a small price to pay for having the best student seat in the stadium — situated right between the 25- and 40-yard lines within 40 rows of the field.

"After the game, you were even allowed to exit the stadium by walking on the track running adjacent to the field.

“Following the win against Indiana in 1972, I ran into the late George Uremovich as he was coming off the field. George, the starting halfback, had been outstanding that afternoon and even raced for an 85-yard touchdown after catching an across-the-field lateral following a kickoff.

"George was a friend and knew my family was visiting. He peeled off his soiled orange wristbands and told me to give them to my younger brother.  

“Those wristbands rested on my brother’s dresser for the next 10 years.”