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People 103 Memorial Stadium

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Bryan Freres

Assistant U.S. attorney

Degrees in history, law

George Sakas

Director of economic development/strategic planning

Chicago Executive Airport

Jeff Roberts

Global product manager

GE Healthcare

KarenLee Poter

Dating coach, Internet talk show host

‘The KarenLee Poter Show’

Bruce Singman

LA-based attorney

Former Illini fullback

Cheryl Lentz

Award-winning author

Dissertation coach

Tracey Konicek

Chicago-based consultant

qler Solutions

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An education that proves your purpose

Tom McCauley

VP/employee engagement

Athletico Physical Therapy

Pam Lins

Director, accounting/reporting


Ryan Neiswender

Basketball Paralympian

Plays professionally in Germany

Brooke Atlas

Drum major, 2010-12

Marching Illini

Ryan McPartlin

LA-based actor

‘Captain Awesome’ Woodcomb on ‘Chuck’

Mike Gonzalez


Secession Golf Club

Troy Pryor

Founder, CEO

Creative Cypher, GOOD Network

Tim Simpson

4-year football starter

1992 Dike Eddleman Award

Shannon (McCarty) Everley



Lauren Petty

TV reporter

NBC Chicago

Donna Honzel

Associate judge

17th circuit of Illinois

Vic Zimmerman


Monticello school district

Joe Halwax

Sr. VP, managing director

PNC of Chicago

Jay Brown

Chairman, CEO

Vetgate Global

Karen Frame


Makeena, Inc.

Kurt Kittner

Managing director

JLL of Chicago

John Norkus

Managing director

Chicago consulting firm

Scott Solomon

Biologist, professor

Rice University