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Brian Pollina

Brian Pollina

Vice president | United Stations Radio Networks | Class of 2006

It’s been a decade-and-a-half since Brian Pollina (JD '06) reported for class in the College of Law building.

But, he says from Chicago, “I’m sure I could walk into that classroom today or in 20 years — if it still exists as I remember it — take a seat and instantly be transported back to the fall of 2002.”

Now United Stations Radio Networks’ vice president of digital assets and Midwest sales, Pollina still has vivid memories of that first year of law school, when he and his classmates were split up into sections. “You pretty much have all of your classes together with those people in the exact same classroom, every day,” he says.

“It’s the first time since maybe elementary school that your educational set-up is like this, with the same set of students in the same classroom all day, every day.

“While you eventually become friends and have classes with people in other sections, the core group of your friends and the real impactful first-year memories all come from this classroom. The embarrassing moments, the inside jokes, the stressful exams, the hilarious memories — everything was centered around the Section A classroom.

“It’s an academic and social experience unlike at any other time in your life, and it really makes the clarity and intensity of all of your memories and experiences stick out.”