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Brock Siegel

Brock Siegel

Managing director | BioInfleXion Point Partners | Class of 1974

Luxurious, it was not. But for graduate student housing, Brock Siegal (Ph.D. '74) could have done a lot worse than 2031D South Orchard Street.

"That was my home for five years as i worked on my Ph.D. in chemistry, built RC airplanes and a sailboat, rode bicycles and a motorcycle to RAL — or East Chemistry Building, as it was called — working there so many wonderful hours of the night and day, truly an exciting time.

"These were formative years, essential to everything I’ve done since," says the managing director of BioInfleXion Point Partners.

"Little did I know a lecture I attended on the chemical synthesis of DNA my first month on campus would be the basis of my career. I left that lecture running as far and fast away from what looked like an impossible task, only to be brought around by my thesis advisor, Peter Beak, to seeing that the impossible is exactly where the interesting stuff lives."