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Bruno Breitmeyer

Bruno Breitmeyer

Professor emeritus | University of Houston | Class of 1968

Long before he became a world-renowned research psychologist, Bruno Breitmeyer waited tables at the old Thunderbird

It was the best of times — and the worst of times — for the UI psychology department’s 2007 distinguished alumni award winner. 

"The Thunderbird restaurant — currently Timpone's — at 710 South Goodwin, where I worked as a waiter my last two years as an undergrad, brings back some of the strongest memories. I fell in love there with a waitress who eventually broke my heart," he says. "Boo-hoo."

"I was fond of listening to live performances on the top level of the Thunderbird given by students from the School of Music's jazz department. Afterward, we would hang out and celebrate their successful gig over brew that flowed copiously from the Thunderbird's bar.

"I can't forget to mention another favorite place — the Quad, where I liked to lie under a tree or in the open on warm days, relaxing, catching a wink between classes or watching the 'birds' walking by.

"I sound like I was a goof-off. Not true; I was a serious student and did well in my undergrad and postgraduate studies and eventually in my academic career."