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People 73 Texans

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Alain Lawo-Sukam

Associate professor, Hispanic & Africana Studies

Texas A&M

Wendel McRaven

UI men’s cross-country coach (2005-10)

Now coaching at Texas A&M

John Mueller

Assistant professor of management

St. Edward’s University

Brad Harris

Associate prof, business management

Texas Christian U

Ralph Cooper

Sports director

NewsChannel 10, Amarillo, Texas

Rachyl Stephenson

Assistant instructor

University of Texas

Jasmine Joda

Senior consulting analyst


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An education that proves your purpose

Jeff Johanns

Lecturer of accounting

University of Texas

Mark Clark

Senior partner

O2Works LLC

John McGlone

Professor, Animal and Food Sciences

Texas Tech

Sanjay Banerjee

Cockrell Family Regents Chair in Engineering

University of Texas

Greg Leman

Director, LAUNCH Innovative Business Accelerator

Baylor University

Kate Davis

Assistant professor

Texas A&M College of Engineering

Wei Wei Jeang

Texas attorney

Grable Martin Fulton PLLC

Gerry Beyer

Law professor

Texas Tech

Michael Burton

Assistant professor

University of Texas-Dallas

Dan O’Neill

Sr. director, business operations

Houston Astros

Chris Hamilton

Head of portfolio advisory


Jason Niermann

R&D executive

PepsiCo, Inc.

Pat McAtee

Dept. of Pediatrics

Baylor College of Medicine

Bart Eklund



Elizabeth Tewolde

Project engineer


Scott Solomon

Biologist, professor

Rice University

Bruce Miller

VP/global account director


Art Markman

Psychology professor

University of Texas