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Troy Pryor

Troy Pryor

Founder, CEO | Creative Cypher, GOOD Network | Class of 2007

As a sophomore football walk-on, Troy Pryor all but called Memorial Stadium home — “training, practicing, studying, eating and fighting alongside a great group of guys” in the House That Butkus Built.

But for that one year of college before he won a linebacking spot on Ron Zook’s defense, the future Chicago entertainment executive spent nine unforgettable months living in the Pennsylvania Avenue Residence halls, where he never knew what was lurking around the corner.

“One afternoon, I heard a ton of commotion and some weird noise that sounded like a motor,” says Pryor (BS ’07, communications). “When I walked out of my dorm room, I saw a huge pink arm, stretched down the entire hallway.

“Apparently, the guys on my floor decided to inflate a huge parade float in the middle of the common area.”

And the hijinks didn’t end there.

“I can also recall a time when we created ‘Club 222’ on our floor. We completely converted the study area to a club, complete with DJ; strobe lights; bar — with non-alcoholic drinks, of course; bouncer and VIP.

“PAR was definitely a great experience.”