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Candisse Williamson

Candisse Williamson

VP/legal, business | Madison Square Garden | Class of 2004

There’s a reason the building that houses the Office of Minority Student Affairs had a homey sort of feel to it.

“It actually was in an old home, a place where everyone knew your name,” recalls Candisse Williamson, one of its most frequent visitors in the early 2000s.

“I spent countless hours on the top floor of that building since I tutored several econ classes for three years,” says Madison Square Garden’s vice president for legal and business affairs, who earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing from the UI in 2004 and her JD from Northwestern three years later.

“It also allowed me to make money, keep up on my own studies and learn the latest campus gossip.

“My time at OMSA still impacts my life today, as it gave me teaching skills, taught me patience and allowed me to see that people all have different learning styles. Those lessons remain relevant.

“If only working three hours per day remained a thing.”