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People 115 New York

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Jennifer Bernhard

Associate dean for research

Grainger College of Engineering

Cynthia Oliver

Professor of dance

2015 Doris Duke Impact Award nominee

Nicole Allen

UI professor of psychology

2011 Dazzling Woman Faculty Award

Debra Laefer

NYU urban informatics professor

Director of Citizen Science

Dan Tonkery


Content Strategies

Neal King Groothuis

Software engineer, Troops

Google alum

Lisa Brown

Former majority leader

Washington state Senate

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An education that proves your purpose

Michelle Boulé

Choreographer, dance artist, performer

NYC-based certified BodyTalk practitioner

David McCraw

Sr. VP, deputy general counsel

The New York Times Co.

Beth Bugdaycay

Former Rebecca Taylor CEO

Co-founded Foundrae jewelry line

Paul Steely White

Director, safety policy/advocacy

Bird scooter sharing company

Alex Burge


Excel Sports Management

Deborah Briggs

FAA Distinguished Legacy Award

VP, Betsy Hotel of South Beach

Steve Skiena

Professor of computer science

Stony Brook University

Henry Neeman

Assistant vice president, IT

University of Oklahoma

Ashley Kordik

Executive recruiter

Pittleman & Associates of NYC

Crystal Park

Journalism and mass media instructor

Pierce College

Lori Bitter


The Business of Aging

Jeanne Gang

World-renowned architect

Designed Chicago’s Aqua Tower

Ken Macur


Medaille College

Joshua Finnell

Head of research/instruction

Colgate Case Library and Geyer Center

Lauren Spieller

Novelist, literary agent


Patrick Berry

Associate professor

Syracuse University

Martin Fackler

Former assistant Asia editor

The New York Times

Jeff Stute

Managing director

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.