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People 58 2004

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Shahzeen Attari

Associate professor

Indiana University’s O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Dr. Michael Adkesson


Chicago Zoological Sociey

Matt Kramer

Assistant general counsel

Jimmy John’s

Dr. Erik Antonsen

Assistant Director, Human Systems Risk Management


Meg Bates

U of Chicago senior research and evaluation scientist

Director of digital teacher learning research

Sheila Repeta

Head of People


Bob Hartwig

Finance professor

U of South Carolina

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Chris Esbrook

Founding partner

Esbrook Law LLC

Stacy Walton Long

Indianapolis law partner

Krieg DeVault LLP

Michael Munie

Founder, stealth AI company

Former Google software engineer

Ruth Wyman

Champaign County attorney

2020 Circuit Judge candidate

Danielle Hirsch

Principal court management consultant

National Center for State Courts

Bryan Freres

Assistant U.S. attorney

Degrees in history, law

Shannon Gedey



Heidi Opdyke

Senior writer/editor

Carnegie Mellon University

Trevor Bates

VP, academic affairs

Mercy College of Ohio

Valerie Hague

Implementation project manager


Jeff Kibler

VP, solutions/customer success

Flybits of Canada

Chris Gersch


Verde Solutions LLC

Anthony McClellan

Illini tight end

CRBE, Chattanooga

Dan Di Santo

Oswego village administrator

4-year Kam’s doorman

Dontae Skywalker

Staff sergeant

U.S. Army

Luther Lemon

D.C. architect

Architect of the Capitol

Lauren Lee

Market manager

FanBank, Inc.

Rahul Panat

Engineering professor

Carnegie Mellon