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Bob Liebeck

Bob Liebeck

Pioneering Boeing aerodynamicist, aerospace engineer | Grainger College of Engineering Hall of Famer | Class of 1961

To the professors that helped him earn three degrees, a spot in the Grainger College of Engineering’s Hall of Fame and the UI’s 2018 Alumni Achievement Award, Bob Liebeck wanted to say thanks in an above-and-beyond kind of way.

Allen Ormsbee and Harry Hilton of the Aerospace Engineering Department were fundamental to my existence as an engineer,” says Liebeck, whose long list of honors includes 2012’s Brigadier General Charles E. ‘Chuck’ Yeager International Aeronautical Achievement Award.

“I started at Illinois in 1958 and completed BS, MS and Ph.D. in 1968. A few years ago, it appeared to be payback time. 

“Thus wife Cindy and I created the Ormsbee Professorship and contributed to the Harry Hilton Fellowship. Al has passed away; however, Harry, as an emeritus, remains as active as he was as a regular professor.”

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