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Carina Lee

Carina Lee

Asia-Pacific coordinator | Discovery Networks | Class of 2013

Carina Lee came to this country intent on becoming a journalist — no matter how high the hurdles in her path.

“I never thought a FOB — Fresh off the Boat — Korean student could stay for two years as a reporter,” she says, “but I did.”

The Class of ’13 grad wrote us from Seoul, where she now works for Discovery Networks after a stretch as an Associated Press news assistant monitoring news out of North Korea.

She still remembers that sinking feeling early in her Daily Illini days when she’d rush in at 5 or 6 at night to go through a first edit and think, “Will I be able to walk out of this building tonight?”

By the time she was a junior, she drew the plum assignments, “from covering Unofficial to staying up late to cover President Michael Hogan’s resignation.”

“All these experiences helped me to realize that (we can’t) fail if we do the best we can.”