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Mark Bartelstein

Mark Bartelstein

NBA, NFL agent | Priority Sports/Entertainment | Class of 1982

Some feelings, Mark Bartelstein will never forget.

Like, leaving the investment banking world to launch his own sports and entertainment firm in 1985.

And negotiating the NBA contract that made John “Hot Rod” Williams the highest-paid player in the history of team sports.

And, of course, being a college freshman, walking around campus on a glorious late-summer day, when the wind blew a certain direction and ... pee-yew.

“Having never really been on a farm before college, the heat of August and September — combined with the smell of the South Farms and trying to sleep in a non-air conditioned room with that heat and smell — was something I will never forget," says the Chicago-based sports agent, a member of the UI's Class of '82.

"My favorite memories are going to Frat Park on a hot day to play pick up basketball and certainly entire Saturdays at IMPE in the winter, but I still have nightmares about long nights into early mornings at Comm West cramming for stats and accounting finals."