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People 43 2013

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James Blachly

Grammy-nominated conductor

Johnstown Symphony Orchestra, Experiential Orchestra

Karle Flanagan

UI Senior Instructor of Statistics

2019 recipient of Campus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Alan Kessler

Senior data scientist

St. Louis Cardinals

Andy Szabo

Senior manager, partnerships

Oakland Athletics

Dee Dlugonski

Assistant Professor

Sports Medicine Research Institute, University of Kentucky

Miranda Sanford-Terry

Chair, Applied Health Sciences

Murray State University

Dr. Michael Adkesson


Chicago Zoological Sociey

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An education that proves your purpose

Sharony Green

Associate professor of history

University of Alabama

Shondra Clay

Assistant Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Health Professions

Northern Illinois U

Zach Groth

Sports director

WPTA-TV, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Grace Gong

Capital markets analyst

Sigma Delta Partners Investment

Capt. Ryan Warner

Psychological provider

Kirtland Air Force Base

Shannon Beranek

Transportation engineer

City of Urbana

Charlotte Roh

Scholarly communications librarian

University of San Francisco

Emelyn Baker

Interaction designer


Jake Becraft

Co-founder, CEO

Strand Therapeutics

Hannah Bonecutter

Founder/owner, BoneClutter LLC

Teacher, tutor, actress

Aaron Kaplan

Orchestra director

Glenbrook North/South HS

Marissa Sutera


Little Things Travel of Chicago

Chris Althoff

Associate director, branding

Big Ten Conference

Brooke Atlas

Drum major, 2010-12

Marching Illini

Emily Gates

Assistant professor of evaluation

Boston College

Jason Kim

Creative director

House Productions LLC

Yue Cao

Research scientist

Amazon Prime Air

Sam McLaurin

Coaching in China

U.S. Basketball Academy