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Mike Freedman

Mike Freedman

Chief communications officer | Stanford engineering school | Class of 1996

Twenty-plus years, three stops and two degrees later, Mike Freedman still remembers this:

“It was an early morning class in Gregory Hall toward the end of my first term. It was cold and snowing. The work had been harder than expected. Finals loomed. We were tired. 

“Our teacher, Jennifer Follis, must have seen the wear-and-tear in our eyes. She told us to put on our coats and hats and brought us to the steps of Foellinger Auditorium.

"As the giant flakes fell gently on the Quad in the dim December morning light, she shared an important lesson for students, aspiring journalists like us and, well, everyone. 

“Sometimes, she said, you need to pull you’re head out of what you’re focused on. ‘Look around.’”