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Chris Tutor

Chris Tutor

Kellogg Co. VP | Strategy/Bus. Development | Class of 2000

The first place Chris Tutor called home at Illinois is the first place his mind goes when he thinks back to the good ol’ days.

“One of my favorite spots on campus is easily the second floor of Weston Hall, where I lived freshman year,” says the 2000 finance grad, now the vice president of strategy and business development for Kellogg’s.

“I met so many people during those first two weeks of school that turned into friends for life. We were all starting this new adventure together and trying to figure out which way was up, and as we did, it really cemented some great friendships.

“We spent a lot of time in each other’s rooms, in the dining halls, at The Orange and downstairs in the basement computer lab, where I first used email.

“We also may have gotten a few warnings from our RA in our time there for acting a little too much like our age. It was a great start to a great four years in Champaign.”