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People 143 Finance

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Grace Gong

Capital markets analyst

Sigma Delta Partners Investment

Michael Gunderson

Professor/Director, Center for Food & Agricultural Business

Purdue University

Elizabeth Pittelkow Kittner

Head of Finance

International Legal Technology Association

Collin Carlier


Royse & Brinkmeyer Apartments

Ron Domanico

Senior VP & CFO

The Brink’s Company

Andrea Heuson

Finance professor

U of Miami Business School

Kenna Dunlap Johnson

Director of behavioral health

Gibson Area Hospital and Health Services

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Phil DeRuntz

Board chairman

iPrime Fund

Devon Izard

Acquisitions & investments manager

Murray Wise Associates

Kevin Waspi

Retired senior lecturer

Gies College of Business

Rick Lawrence


PCIX, Inc.

David Ikenberry

Professor of finance and former dean

University of Colorado

David Born

R&D director

Dow Chemical Co.

Armando Espinal

Senior financial analyst

Disney Television Animation

Doug Erhard

Wealth management advisor

Northwest Mutual of Champaign

Bela Gandhi

Founder, director

Smart Dating Academy

Ryan Coon

CEO, co-founder


Yeerik Moy

VP, Labor Relations

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Jeff Badu

2018 Lester McKeever Award

Chicago CPA

Jim Vermette

CEO, UI Alumni Association (1967-84)

Executive VP, Cozad Asset Management

Mark Kesler

Founded O’Malley’s

Parkland business instructor

Darren Guccione

Distinguished alumni award

CEO, Keeper Security, Inc.

Mehb Khoja


Medical Risk Managers, Inc.

Jeff Davis


Meyer Capel

Dan Kardatzke

President, CFO