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Gladys Roman

Gladys Roman

TV producer | WYCC (PBS) Chicago | Class of 2005

An Illini love story, Foreign Languages Building edition ...

“The memories I treasure the most happened at the FLB building," says WYCC-TV producer Gladys Roman ('05). "In this building is where I ran into my now husband for the second time at U of I. It was there where we first started talking thanks to a common friend. I had a class there and we would occasionally run into each other.

"After a month of saying many hellos after class, we decided to hang out with other friends one weekend, and we’ve been together ever since.

"What makes this building even more special to me is that four years after I graduated, my now husband surprised me by taking me back to FLB. I thought I was going to help him with a job recruiting event, but he actually took us there to propose to me.

"Of course, I said yes, and I remember that day like it was yesterday. FLB has a special place in my heart.”