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Constantine Curris

Constantine Curris

President at 3 universities | Clemson, Murray St., N. Iowa | Class of 1965

The surest sign of a great professor, as far as Constantine Curris is concerned: when former students are telling stories like this, a half-century later:

Lincoln Hall was my home as I pursued a master’s degree, so that is the one building that dominates my memory. However, that was simply the edifice where a group of capable and caring professors accessed offices and classrooms,” says Curris (‘65), who'd go on to head up three universities, as well as the American Association of State Colleges and Universities.

“My most indelible memory from 50 years ago was rooted in my interaction with Professor Snyder, who served as my thesis mentor. Holding a full-time position while completing my thesis, I was able to return to campus on a Friday.

"Unfortunately Dr. Snider was away that date, but invited me to his home the following Saturday morning. I arrived at 8:30 and spent nearly two hours with him as he reviewed my entire draft, dissecting its content, editing its passages and providing guidance for a successful completion.

“That experience, more than any other, epitomized what characterizes great professors, and has endeared me to Illinois."