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People 36 University President

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James Stukel

UI’s 15th president (1995-2005)

MS, Ph.D. in mechanical engineering

Lisa Brown

Former majority leader

Washington state Senate

Ken Macur


Medaille College

David Lassner


University of Hawaii

Barry Butler



Pat Draves


Graceland University

Mike Schag


Heyl, Royster, Voelker & Allen

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An education that proves your purpose

Mun Choi


U of Missouri system

Mort Weir

UI’s fifth chancellor


Der-Tsai Lee

President emeritus

National Chung Hsing U

Kelly Thompson


Culver-Stockton College

Ryan Gower


Lincoln Trail College

Joe Alutto

Provost, interim president

Ohio State

Javier Cevallos

University president

Framingham State

Stan Ikenberry

UI’s 14th president, 1979-95

Longest-serving president

Emil Javier

Former minister of science

The Philippines

Constantine Curris

President at 3 universities

Clemson, Murray St., N. Iowa

David Chicoine

ACES dean, 1995-2001

Ex-S. Dakota St. president

Richard Dunsworth


University of the Ozarks

Joe White

UI’s 16th President

Professor since 2009

Ben Allen

University president

Northern Iowa, 2006-12

Bob Kustra

Boise State president

Led E. Kentucky, 1998-2001

David Schmidly

President at 3 universities

Texas Tech, Okla. St., UNM

Larry Faulkner

UI provost, 1994-98

President, Texas, 1998-2006

Tony Waldrop

Former UI vice chancellor

South Alabama President