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Dan Gusanders

Dan Gusanders

Founder, CEO | Pure Processing LLC | Class of 1993

We say Illinois, the Class of ’93’s Dan Gusanders says ... Delta Chi.

“My fondest memories, and many lessons learned, took place in the fraternity house. ‘Surround yourself with good people’ has always resonated and my classmates, friends and fraternity brothers were just that,” says the founder/CEO of Glen Ellyn-based Pure Processing LLC.

“Many have gone on to be successful, doctors, lawyers, business owners and corporate executives, as well as family men and women. It is a network I still utilize and especially turned to in the early years of starting my company.

“I would be remiss to not give honorable mention to my social outlet — C.O Daniels, RIP. Little did I know then that I was living my dream job as a bartender — a job that helped pay for my education and taught me the balance between speed and accuracy, all while socializing and partying, at a significant discount.”