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Dan Kardatzke

Dan Kardatzke

President, CFO | Solstice | Class of 1996

As far as Dan Kardatzke’s concerned, there’s no place on campus quite like Forbes Hall.

“I would say that one my fondest memories had to be around the start to my time at U of I living at Forbes,” says the 1996 Gies College of Business grad, now the Chicago-based president and CFO of the digital innovation firm Solstice.

"Forbes was the place where I met one of my closest friends to date — he lived across the hall — and I lived next door to what would be two of my future roommates after graduation living in Chicago.

“It was a great start to my time at Illinois, from everything to my first intramural team with friends from Forbes to my time spent at the Orange.

“I developed a number of friends for life that first year and I’m thankful for it.”