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Gary Witt

Gary Witt

CEO | Global Gun Safety | Class of 1968

Fifty years later, it’s time to fess up, says Gary Witt (BS ’68, MS ’69), CEO of Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Global Gun Safety LLC.

“In the winter of 1967," Witt says, "my roommate, Rex Seifert, and I had the bright and literary idea of sticking a big scarlet letter A on the chest of the Alma Mater statue, which we did one snowy midnight, amid lots of laughing and looking out for cops.  

“Then we called the Daily Illini — anonymously, of course — to let them know. We made the front page above the fold — or rather, Alma Mater did, sporting her big red A. No one ever found out who did it until now.

“Of course, this won’t mean as much to readers who never had to read ‘The Scarlet Letter’ in high school.”