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Jack Klues

Jack Klues

Media executive | Donated $1M in 2015 | Class of 1977

You’d never guess it by glancing at his career achievements but Jack Klues wasn’t exactly the Bronze Tablet type while pursuing his bachelor's in advertising in the mid-1970s.

"I almost flunked out of school because of my enthusiasm to resurrect the traditions of homecoming at the school where it was created — bonfire, pep rally, parade, homecoming court, the whole deal," says the Chicago media executive.

"I found that being its lead student organizer in 1975 was way more fun going to the Student Services Office to work with deans Dan Perrino and Willard Broom than going to class."

Good thing for him he had the professors he did. Topping Klues' list: Arnold Barban.

"Dr. Barban taught the media strategies class and was unbelievably generous with his knowledge and his time for students," Klues says. "My 35 wonderful years in the ad agency business is testament to his instruction and the University of Illinois."

Despite his occasional shenanigans as an undergrad, Klues has done all right for himself. An alum of influence, he proudly says: "I remain connected to the university as a foundation member, Sandage Department of Advertising Board member, I Fund supporter, 2005 Chicago Alumni of Year and Alumni BOT Chairman for the ATO fraternity chapter."