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Jeff Johanns

Jeff Johanns

Lecturer of accounting | University of Texas | Class of 1977

To know Ken Perry was to love Ken Perry as a professor.

Just ask any of the future accountants who took the late professor’s CPA exam review course.

“He was, of course, a legend. He would dash into the classroom, slam both doors, and start lecturing. No one came in late,” says Jeff Johanns (BS ’77, accounting), now an educator himself at the University of Texas.

“When explaining a difficult accounting topic he would often say ‘Boys and girls, there’s a lot of ways to do this, but if it was me, I would do it the easy way.’ He always dragged out the word ‘easy.’ Classic.

“His personality was so strong that he would show up at the site of the actual CPA exam just to encourage his students to do well. When he said we could pass, we believed him. It really helped our confidence.

“By the way, the first time passage rate on the CPA exam by his students was exceptionally high. Even I passed it the first time.”