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Janea Hawkins

Janea Hawkins

Assistant attorney general | District of Columbia | Class of 2009

During Janea Hawkins’ time on campus, one of the hottest clubs in town was located at 1402 West Gregory Drive.

Yes, that’s the address for the Undergraduate Library — or “Club UGL,” as it was known to many who frequented it.

“It was the most popular library on campus simply because everyone was always there — studying or not. For those of us who weren’t big on the college party scene, it was a way for us to have our own party to further our education,” says Hawkins, president of the women lawyer division of the National Bar Association’s Greater Washington area chapter.

“I remember there was once an event advertised called 'Club UGL all-nighter' — you would wear comfy sweats, bring all work you needed to get work done, and do so in good company and the all the sweets and eats you could get your hands on. Good times.”

Another fond memory of the assistant attorney general for the District of Columbia: living at the Florida Avenue Residence Hall as a freshman. 

“It was the furthest dorm south of the main campus, but it was truly how I formed my footprint,” she says. “My friends from high school also ended up in the same building, which was refreshing, but there were so many new people to meet every day. I especially cherished Soul Ingredient, FAR’s specialty restaurant on Thursday nights. The food wasn’t the best, but the live music and everybody dressing up for the occasion made it worth it.

“If you couldn’t make that Friday or Saturday night party, Soul was the next best thing.”