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Kathleen Kayse

Kathleen Kayse

Chief media strategy/partnerships officer | Ad Council | Class of 1980

No campus structure had as fitting an acronym as the Florida Avenue Residence Halls.

“As one friend reminded me, it was called FAR for a reason," says former Yahoo vice president Kathleen Kayse (BS '80, advertising), newly named chief media strategy and partnerships officer at the Ad Council.

“My great memories from the U of I are many but I suppose that I am most proud of making the daily morning trek my freshman year from Trelease, in the Florida Avenue Residence Halls, to Altgeld for a 9 a.m. calculus class Monday through Friday for an entire semester.

“I worked as hard in my studies to earn a B as I did to make it to every class on time with not one absence. While it fulfilled my then math major requirement, more importantly the reflection time during those long walks to and from gave me time to think and reflect about what I really wanted to do with my life, or frankly what I did not want to do. 

“And I knew it wasn’t math — definitely not worth the journey — literally and figuratively speaking.”

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