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Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis

Attorney | Meyer Capel | Class of 1993

A toast to Scott Cochrane, who had a hand in Jeff Davis finding both the woman and the job of his dreams.

The Meyer Capel attorney (BS '93, finance; JD '96) picks it up from here:

“Scott hired me as one of the managers of R&R’s during my first year of law school in the fall of 1993. I ended up meeting my wife, Jodi, at the front door of R&R’s in January of 1994.

“Scott also sent a few recommendations for me to area law firms and I ended up accepting a law clerk position at Meyer Capel on March 17, 1994 and have been working at Meyer Capel ever since.

“I continued working for Scott and the Cochrane family throughout law school. If it hadn’t been for Scott hiring me as a manager at R&R’s, who knows how my life would have changed?”

And if Meyer Capel hadn’t brought him in as a clerk, Davis says, it’s a good bet he wouldn’t have spent his entire adult life in Champaign.

Pat Fitzgerald originally hired me as a clerk, and then David Sholem, Jerry Jahn and John Elder really helped me as mentors when I was a young attorney and had a lot to do with me becoming a shareholder at Meyer Capel. It has been great to practice law at a place where so many attorneys and staff have been here for many years.

“The most important person of all, though, would be my wife — Jodi (Lindgren) Davis. She was in Champaign during the winter break between the 1993 fall and 1994 spring semesters and we met that January of 1994 and have been together ever since. You never know when or how you will meet that one person but for me it just happened to be at the front door of R&R’s during the winter break when the campus was pretty much deserted.

“We met, were engaged and married, all in 1994, and we now have three wonderful children and been married for 24 years.

“Jodi is by far and away the person that had the most profound impact on me during my last twp-and-a-half years of law school and continues to be the most important person in my life. It was a sad day for us recently when we were sitting at Murphy’s with our two sons eating lunch and watched as they were demolishing the place we met.”