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John Kuffel

John Kuffel

European pricing director | Bacardi of Germany | Class of 1988

Living overseas the past two decades hasn't kept John Kuffel ('88) from taking frequent spins down memory lane with his fellow Sigma Nus or the five siblings he shares an alma mater with.

And what do they talk about?

DeLuxe Lunch and Billiards always comes up and brings a smile to our faces," says Kuffel, Bacardi's Germany-based European pricing director.

"Eating the fish sandwich was in a list of 'Things to do Before You Graduate' in my first few days on campus. We all loved not just the fish sandwiches, bar food and dollar beer specials, but the whole atmosphere. Lots of lunchtime regulars and a great mix of pool players and evening revelers.

"I worked there with several of my friends my last year on campus, and still think it was the best job I ever had. It’s the main reason I decided to work in the spirits industry later in life.”