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People 49 1988

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Raul Gouvea

Professor, International Management

University of New Mexico

Scott Brown


Carpet Weaver’s of Champaign

Chris Cramer

VP of research

University of Minnesota

Don Edwards

Flexpoint Ford CEO

Chair, UI board of trustees

Steven Deller

Professor, Community Development Specialist

University of Wisconsin Extension

Rebekah Ratliff


Capital City Mediations, LLC

Marcus Minifee

VP/team marketing

Brooklyn Nets/NY Islanders

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An education that proves your purpose

Richard Hanus

Chicago immigration attorney

Inspiration for the 2019 NYC play ‘The Courtroom’

Phil DeRuntz

Board chairman

iPrime Fund

Howard Aizenstein

2019 LAS Alumni Achievement Award

Physician, scientist, Pitt professor

Gayle (Gomberg) Brim

Managing director

Grant Thornton LLP

Patricia Fix

Circuit court judge

19th Circuit, Lake County

Bob Bayne

Wisconsin president

Grumman/Butkus Associates

Lisa Ligon

Nat’l sales/marketing manager

AeroPress, Inc.

Tracey Meares

Walton Hale Hamilton Professor

Yale Law School

Marc Williams

Principal product manager

Walmart Labs

Mark Clark

Senior partner

O2Works LLC

Steve Skiena

Professor of computer science

Stony Brook University

Jayne Turpin DeLuce

President, CEO

Visit Champaign County

Michael Svec

Professor of education

Furman University

Lynn Schmit

Retired director

Mahomet Public Library

Donna Gilbert

Director, worldwide materials


Ken Macur


Medaille College

Scott Mehaffey

Executive director

Farnsworth House

Ed Hightower

Managing director

Motoring Ventures LLC