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Kaitlin Morris

Kaitlin Morris

Producers department | NFL Films | Class of 2008

As dream jobs go, Kaitlin Morris’ current workplace is up there on any sports media member’s list.

But it’s a former gig far less glamorous that the NFL Films employee from the Class of 2008 thinks fondly about whenever she harkens back to her UI days.

“As influential as Illini Productions and Inner Voices Theatre Ensemble were in shaping the trajectory of my career, it was Dining Services in LAR that shaped my heart,” she says.

“I washed dishes in the back. What others may have viewed as a thankless student job is exactly where I found peace and serenity my first semester of college. My roommate and I made connections with the full-time staff, laughed endlessly about life, and listened to music while working.

“Befriending a special needs staff member who seemingly had no friends, is one of my greatest joys.

“Cheers to the unsung heroes of U of I, who bleed orange and blue. They are the building blocks of Illini DNA. For the last 150 years, they have worked tirelessly to warmly welcome hundreds of thousands of students to what we all consider as our home away from home.”