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Christina Zdanowicz

Christina Zdanowicz

CNN senior producer | Social discovery team | Class of 2007

“I discovered my love for journalism at WPGU as a freshman — wait for it — biology student,” Christina Zdanowicz (’07) says from Atlanta, where she’s now a senior producer on CNN’s social discovery team.

“Each Monday, I would get into a taxi by 6 a.m. and head in to start reading the AP wire and pulling news bulletins from the fax machine. It was only the DJ and I at that hour. We exchanged silent head nods, as it was too early to banter when not on the air. 

“This aspiring geneticist started off writing news briefs and later reporting on my own stories. Soon, I realized I was spending more time at the radio station than in the lab. I switched majors to journalism and have never looked back. 

“I would never be where I am today, a professional journalist at an international news organization, without my start at WPGU.”