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Karina Bohn

Karina Bohn

Executive director | Global Sport Institute | Class of 1993

Little did Karina Bohn know at the time that she’d have a Kam’s story like this to tell, years later. 

“I spent more time than I should have at Kam’s, but I never thought I’d make a business connection based on my favorite college bar," says the executive director of the Global Sports Institute at Arizona State University.

“Just a few years ago when I was the VP of marketing for the Arizona Diamondbacks, I was reviewing the hundreds of resumes we received for our seasonal marketing internship. One in particular caught my eye because the applicant was from the U of I.

"When I saw his previous work experience included being a doorman at Kam’s, I felt like I had to at least set up an interview. 

“Long story short, I ended up hiring the young man, and when he briefly went back to campus for his U of I graduation, he brought me back the best gift I have ever received from an intern — a pint glass from Kam’s. He has stayed in baseball and is now with the New York Yankees, so I guess it worked out well for both of us.”