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John ‘JJ’ Harris

John ‘JJ’ Harris

Founder, creative director | Techboogie Media | Class of 2006

Before he was a Bay Area-based filmmaker, photographer and Techboogie Media founder, John ‘JJ’ Harris dabbled in the rap game.

“And where did I hone those skills? At the northern end of the Quad behind the Union,” says the 2006 communications grad.

“Oftentimes on my way to class, I would pass that section and see a circle of familiar faces ‘freestyling,’ dropping beautiful improvised prose while onlookers marveled. I always would jump in the circle and add my two cents.

“Sometimes, my two cents would turn into many cents and I may or may not miss my class altogether. However, it was through this practice that I began to learn that my calling was to be an artist and that I was born to create.”