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Landon Parvin

Landon Parvin

Famed GOP speechwriter | Wrote for Reagans, Bushes | Class of 1970

We say Green Street, Landon Parvin says ... parades.

Come again?

“I was a townie,” says the 1966 Champaign High and 1970 Gies College of Business grad, who went on to write speeches for three presidents, among other A-list Republicans.

“My father worked in the business office of the university, and I lived at home during college. When I think of the U of I, most of my memories are memories of my childhood.

“When many people think of Green Street, they might think of the bars. I think of the July 4th parades, which always seemed to be stifling hot.

“Every year, this small, elderly black woman wearing a brilliant white nurse’s uniform and carrying a medical bag would march in the parade in case someone needed attention. She always looked so incredibly cool and crisp in the wilting heat, so pure and dignified.

“Although I never knew her name, for some reason I am certain I will remember that vision of her far longer than any course I took or professor I had.”