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Mark Palmer

Chief Counsel

Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism

Richard Bobowski


Friedman & Feiger, LLP

Callie Jo McFarland

Director of community development

City of Monticello

Landon Parvin

Famed GOP speechwriter

Wrote for Reagans, Bushes

Bob Bayne

Wisconsin president

Grumman/Butkus Associates

Cary McMillan

CEO, True Partners Consulting

2004 Chicago Illini of Year

Shaleen Aghi Title

Cannabis Control Commission

State of Massachusetts

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An education that proves your purpose

Lori Garrett

Professor of human anatomy, physiology

Parkland College

Shawna Cooper-Gibson

VP, student services

Seton Hall University

Jennifer Dillavou

UIAA president

UI associate vice chancellor

Reshma Shah

Associate professor of marketing

Emory University

Beth Finke

Author, memoir teacher

NPR commentator

Dan O’Neill

Sr. director, business operations

Houston Astros

Arielle Gross

Global Business Marketing


Lucia Lin


Boston Symphony Orchestra

Karen Frame


Makeena, Inc.

Kay Hatlestad

Noise control engineer

Hatlestad Associates

Emily Garnett

Denver attorney

Champaign native

Scott Solomon

Biologist, professor

Rice University

Luiz Mendes

Software engineering manager


Tameka Phillips

Study director

Covance Laboratories

Eric Jackson


Pipeline Foods

John David Mooney

Chicago-based artist

Mooney Studio

Diana Browne

Senior director

Evoque Consulting

Ann Lee Joe

Climate change secretariat

UN’s German campus