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Larry Clinton

Larry Clinton

President | Internet Security Alliance | Class of 1984

What Larry Clinton wouldn’t give for a mouth-watering slab of Lil Porgy’s ribs right about now. 

“Sure, sure, I learned a lot studying communications and dabbling in politics while I was at UI, but what I really remember is the beef. Beef ribs, to be exact," says the D.C.-based president of the Internet Security Alliance.

"There was a little place in Urbana, literally on the other side of the tracks, called Lil Porgy’s that had a special every Friday. Four dinosaur-sized beef ribs slathered in sauce on top of a piece of white bread – which became soaked with the sauce — plus fries, all for a very grad student-friendly $5.95.

"My mouth is watering right now. I doubt my future wife and I ever missed a Friday. Lord how I wish I could eat like that now.

“One other memory: One of my strongest memories of UI was the seemingly infinite corn fields. I got into running while I was at UI and for a couple of years I did seven miles a day, every day winter and summer — I didn’t have cable.

"Being from New York City it was positively eerie running past walls and walls of corn, or corn stalks, for miles. Very peaceful. OK, maybe a bit too peaceful for my taste. In those days Champaign Urbana majored in peaceful, and corn. I remember lots of corn.”