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Lisa Butler

Lisa Butler

Communications director | CVS Caremark Corp. | Class of 1978

This memory is dedicated to Lisa Butler’s dearly departed pooch, who made her Illini experience all the better.

“I had gotten a dog that I had to take everywhere with me because I was still living in the dorm, hiding him as best as I could,” says CVS Caremark’s director of communications and creative services. “Of course, I couldn’t take him into every class so I would leave him in the Quad

“People kept an eye on him and oftentimes I would come out of class and someone would be sharing their lunch with him, or he was part of a Frisbee game with another dog or he was just sitting there staring at the building, waiting for me to come out. 

“I eventually got kicked out of the dorm for having him but those early days where he went everywhere with me were special. 

“When he died at the age of 17, I drove down and buried his ashes under a tree in front of the English building.”