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Malik Nevels

Malik Nevels

Executive project manager | Safer Foundation | Class of 1999

An Illini love story, College of Law edition ...

“I attended the College of Law from 1996 to 1999. I met my wife, Kimberly Nevels, at the College of Law. She was in her second year, me my first," says Malik Nevels, executive project manager at the Chicago-based Safer Foundation.

"When we started dating, I lived in a small apartment — which was really an attic — in an old home that served as the backdrop for an old sporting goods store on Fifth and Green. I believe the location is now a Potbelly’s.

"As a student, my discretionary spending was very limited. This was a problem because eating out was one of our favorite activities, especially when Kim and I first started dating.

"But to our surprise, we were able to find two spots near Green Street that had great and affordable food and drinks — White Horse on Tuesdays, where it was $1 for a basket of wings and $5 for a pitcher of beer, and a small Japanese restaurant where my wife and I shared a plate of teriyaki chicken.”