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People 56 1999

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Amy Van Ostrand


Rowe & Hamilton, Indianapolis

Cristy Chapman Uhrig

1999 Dike Eddleman Award

All-Big Ten middle blocker

Sujay Lama

5 NCAA tourney trips as women’s tennis coach

Now North Texas' winningest coach

Michelle Boulé

Choreographer, dance artist, performer

NYC-based certified BodyTalk practitioner

John Mueller

Assistant professor of management

St. Edward’s University

Shawna Cooper-Gibson

VP, student services

Seton Hall University

Lisa Woodward

Sports sponsorship manager

Anheuser-Busch InBev

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An education that proves your purpose

Norah Piehl

Executive director

Boston Book Festival

Kurt Hettinger

Assistant gymnastics coach

Auburn University

Christina (Crawford) Steed

Executive VP

Flowers Communications Group

Jamie Motley

Director, McNair Scholars Program

Saint Louis University

Venus Evans-Winters

Associate professor

Illinois State University

Dan O’Neill

Sr. director, business operations

Houston Astros

Sophia Battle

European procurement director

Nike technology and services

Bryan Berger

Associate engineering professor

University of Virginia

Harl Tolbert

Assistant VP for research

Penn State

Jordan Batt

CEO, co-founder

Endurance Direct, Northbrook

Justin Bois

Biology lecturer


Eric Guenther

Former Illini linebacker

State Farm

Fred Zornig

Brazil-based CEO

Quantiz Pricing Solutions

Tameka Phillips

Study director

Covance Laboratories

Gioia Altobelli

Computational biologist

Bioinformatics of the UK

Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan

Professor, human sciences

Ohio State

Collinus Newsome

6-time Big Ten champ

The Denver Foundation

Greg Lindsay

Senior fellow

New Cities Foundation