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People 25 White Horse Inn

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Emily (Klopf) Gardner

MillerCoors local media manager

2017 Homecoming Comeback Award winner

Matt Brickman



Michael Gunderson

Professor/Director, Center for Food & Agricultural Business

Purdue University

Bob Starkell

11 seasons leading women’s gymnastics

2009 National Coach of the Year

Rachel Fowler

Managing editor

Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers

KarenLee Poter

Dating coach, Internet talk show host

‘The KarenLee Poter Show’

Scott Brown


Carpet Weaver’s of Champaign

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An education that proves your purpose

Dave Briglio

Leadership trainer

Athletic Legacy Gameplan

Alice (Gorman) Singer

Director, artists division

Ford Models, Inc.

Vic Zimmerman


Monticello school district

Joice Wirkus

Vice president, marketing


David Lassner


University of Hawaii

Jim Gaspar


Attune Foods

Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan

Professor, human sciences

Ohio State

Marko Tomic

Production coordinator

Bravo Media

Pablo Acosta

Senior economist

The World Bank

Pam Strobel

Former Exelon CAO

UI trustee, 2009-14

Jon Lee Brody

LA-based filmmaker

Iron Will Productions

Larry Pearlman

Senior VP

Marsh Risk Consulting

Malik Nevels

Executive project manager

Safer Foundation

Mary Jo Meisner

Veteran newspaper editor

3-time Pulitzer juror

Brian Wesselman

Expedia manager

Business Intelligence

Michele Steele



Rini Krishnan

Operations director

Fischler Hockey Service

Bryan ‘Flea’ Engel

Head athletic trainer

Green Bay Packers