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Ingrid Black

Ingrid Black

Training center coordinator | U.S. Olympic Committee | Class of 2009

The scrumptious gyros weren't the only reason Ingrid Black was such a regular at Zorba's in the late 2000s.

The Green Street eatery is "a family staple. My mom worked at Zorba’s and I quickly made it a routine to eat there," says Black ('09), now the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center coordinator for the USOC. "It is a place that we always make sure to go, at least once, when visiting the U of I."

Black comes from an Illini family, making her college experience all the more special.

“With both my parents also graduating from U of I, graduation had very nostalgic and important feelings draped over the whole weekend," she recalls. "I remember the proud look on my parents' faces and just the fun we all were reminiscing. It is something we all have in common."