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Mandy Revisky

Mandy Revisky

Air Force captain | Teaches aerospace studies | Class of 2005

Seven years before she started wearing Air Force blue, Mandy Revisky’s everyday attire consisted largely of orange and blue shirts with a few familiar names on the back.

As great times to be an Illini go, they don’t come much better than March 26, 2005, when Revisky was a senior and her school earned a trip to the Final Four.

“We were all wearing our respective (Dee) Brown, (Luther) Head or (Deron) Williams shirts and ran out to Green Street to celebrate,” says Revisky, who now teaches aerospace studies at the University of Maryland. “The street was absolutely packed as far as the eye could see with screaming Illini, and I’ve never seen a happier mob in my life.”

The Air Force captain’s list of most memorable campus spots is a lengthy one — the “amazing” Fat Don’s, singing “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” on the way home from the bars and sunny days at the packed Quad.

“One time,” she says, “I fell asleep for a few hours outside of Lincoln Hall, and half of my face was really sunburned. That did not stop me from going out at Brother’s/Joe’s/Kam’s that night looking like Two-Face from ‘Batman.’”