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Margaret Mueller

Margaret Mueller

President | Shapiro+Raj | Class of 1994

Among the highlights of Margaret Mueller’s time on campus — seeing Hillary Clinton speak up close and personal.


The first time — on the UI Quad — happened on Sept. 10, 1992, months before Clinton would transition from First Lady of Arkansas to First Lady of the whole country.

“I remember my professor saying that his mother always told him ‘don’t let your education get in the way of your learning’ and canceled class so we could go hear her,” says Mueller (BS ’94, psychology). “She was also my commencement speaker in 1994, which was pretty great.”

Other fond Illini memories from the Shapiro+Raj president:

— Working in Renee Baillergeon’s Infant Cognition Lab in the Psych Building.

“I spent a lot of hours there listening to the clicking of the metronome and Mozart’s ‘Eine kleine Nachtmusik’ on repeat. To this day, 25 years later, I hear that song and it immediately takes me back.”

— Umpteen coffee breaks at Espresso Royale.

“I spent countless hours there studying and drinking cafe mochas and eating chocolate-covered espresso beans because I couldn’t stand the taste of coffee but needed caffeine. I learned a lot in that cafe.”