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Maury Fertig

Maury Fertig

Co-founder, CIO | Relative Value Partners | Class of 1982

An Illini love story, Pi Lamda Phi edition:

“The fraternity at 1105 South First Street is where I lived for three years and first saw my wife Nancy of 32 years, who was a ‘Little Sister’ there,” says Maury Fertig (BS '82, accountancy).

“The house was a dump and always in a state of barely meeting building code — or not — but It was a great place for a 20-year-old to live with 50 other guys. Built in 1929, it was torn down in 2012 to make way for apartments after the fraternity closed its doors.”

These days, Fertig is chief investment officer and co-founder of a Chicago wealth management firm. But once upon a time, he flirted with a career in radio after landing his own show in the wee hours — Fridays, from 3 to 7 a.m. — at WPGU.

“I really enjoyed being able to play whatever I wanted in complete privacy, but not sure anybody was listening at that hour,” he says. “The biggest drawback was not finding a time to sleep.

“This job did lead to a position at K-104 at a time when people are supposed to be awake.”