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Eugene Morozov

Eugene Morozov

CEO | Icobox Hub | Class of 1992

Eugene Morozov can sum up his post-Illinois experience in four words — the same ones he saw anytime he dropped by the office of a favorite faculty member.

“Professor Orace Johnson’s plaque on his desk — ‘I’d rather be dancing’ — pretty much sums up my subsequent life experiences very well and I think about it often,” Morozov (MAS ’92/accounting, finance) says from San Francisco, where he’s the CEO of a startup-accelerating company and managing director of Standard Capital Investment Bank.

“When thinking of my days at Illinois I frequently recall the Quad where everyone was lying on the grass studying or enjoying sunlight. I also think of my professors — (Vernon) Zimmerman in accounting, (Joseph) Finnerty in finance.

“Professor Zimmerman forever engraved in my memory the auditing question ‘What is it that I should have asked but did not?’”