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Mike Biver

Mike Biver

Director of planned giving | Lyric Opera of Chicago | Class of 2006

An Illini love story, Newman Hall cafeteria edition:

“I remember having lunch in my dorm’s cafeteria and noticing a girl I had seen around and chatted with just a few times,” says Mike Biver, Lyric Opera of Chicago’s director of planned giving.

“I recall telling my buddy, who was next to me at the time, ‘That’s the kind of girl you take home to meet mom.’

“On August 30th, I’ll be celebrating my 10-year wedding anniversary to that same girl.”

Other memorable spots for the 2006 advertising grad:

— The English Building bathroom. “I always enjoyed visiting the basement bathroom in the English building — hands down, the best bathroom ‘graffiti’ — messages made with pen or marker — on campus.

"My favorite one I can still remember:

Top 5 things I hate:



Lack of follow through

— The south quad. “I remember finishing finals early one semester and going to enjoy some quiet time on the south quad in the afternoon. The place was deserted because most of campus was still actively taking finals.

“Suddenly, a man with bag pipes appeared and started to practice. About five, maybe 10, minutes later, a window flies up on the third floor of one of the buildings and a student sticks his head out and yells ‘Hey! We’re trying to take a #%^& exam in here.’

“The bag-pipe guy stopped playing, lowered his head and sorrowfully walked away. Freaking loved that moment.”